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Whiten Your Teeth Naturally With Hemp Charcoal

Hi Everyone! It’s Andrea here from Total Hemp Co. Did you know that one of our best-selling products these days is our Activated Hemp Charcoal? “Now why on earth is that?” you may be wondering. “Hemp charcoal??  Why would anyone want to buy a jar full of ashes?”


activated hemp charcoal jar

While it might seem a bit silly when you put it like that, I’ll let you in on a little secret – the use of charcoal isn’t a new thing. Although it has been more and more popular lately as an ingredient in fancy facial cleansers, beauty products and toothpastes, people have actually been using charcoal for something like 150 years as an effective way to treat poisoning, calm upset stomach and indigestion, filter water and – you guessed it – remove surface stains from teeth. I’ll be writing more about the other uses for charcoal in later posts, but for now, let’s just talk about scrubbing up those pearly whites.


How does our hemp charcoal work?


The power of activated charcoal lies in its ability to bind itself to other molecules. Activated charcoal is essentially carbon that, by way of the intense heating process, develops a very porous surface giving it incredible adsorptive properties. (Adsorbent – not to be confused with absorbent.) Hemp charcoal is particularly adsorbent – roughly 4x moreso than Bincho charcoal and 1.6x more than bamboo charcoal for example. When viewed through a microscope, the surface of a hemp charcoal particle appears kind of like a rough piece of konjac sponge. The mild abrasiveness makes it act like an exfoliant on the surface of your teeth while working to draw in  and bind to the other substance it’s connecting with (IE gunk and stains).

Activated Hemp Charcoal


Heavy stain lifting abilities


Now I don’t know about you but I love my coffee, tea and red wine. In fact, I daresay that life without these things would be completely unbearable. However, I don’t particularly enjoy having the dull, yellowing or scummy looking teeth that sometimes accompany the regular enjoyment of coffee, tea and red wine. I brush and floss my teeth daily, honest to goodness. And I visit my dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings. It’s just that sometimes you go a bit longer between cleanings (because life gets in the way) and a bit of plaque can build up on and in-between your teeth. This plaque stains easily. A gentle brushing with your usual toothpaste and a bit of activated hemp charcoal can really help to lift those stubborn stains with extra power and carry them away down the drain.


Not all “whitening” is equal


Let me be clear, because the title of this post is a bit deceptive – there aren’t enough studies to show that activated charcoal can whiten teeth. Technically, teeth whitening procedures as performed by dentists and other qualified professionals involve lightening of the actual tooth enamel. The way I’m suggesting you use it here isn’t the same as an enamel bleaching procedure performed with a peroxide or other lightening agent.



How do I do it?

Simply apply your usual toothpaste to your toothbrush (wet or dry as per your personal preference) and then dip the edge of it into a jar of our Total Hemp Co. Activated Hemp Charcoal so that the toothpaste picks up a bit of the charcoal. Brush gently using the dentist approved method – you know the one where they tell you to place the toothbrush horizontally at the base of your gums, massage back and forth a bit and then push or flick towards the centre of your mouth. (Whether that’s up or down will depend on whether you’re brushing your top or bottom teeth of course.) Keep it up for roughly 2 minutes. Be gentle – none of that “sawing” back and forth stuff! You’re just trying to gently buff out any stains that have collected near your gumline or in between your teeth. *TIP – Be careful not to push the charcoal UP underneath your gumline because while it won’t cause any harm and will eventually work its way out, it can leave little black dots there under your gums for an hour or so. Always brush away from the gumline, not pointing into it. When you’re done, spit and rinse as usual. That’s it! Et voila – a bright and shiny, gunk and stain free smile.


Brushing teeth with charcoal


How often should I use hemp charcoal?


That’s really up to you! There are some dentists who advise against using charcoal as part of your everyday oral hygiene routine and personally, I would probably agree with them. But it’s just like I wouldn’t exfoliate the skin on my face every single day! (I only exfoliate a couple of times per week, as recommended by many dermatologists.) I use our soft and fine activated hemp charcoal as a “once in a while” beauty enhancement tool in combination with my dentist approved oral hygiene regimen just to help lift the week’s coffee stains before I head out on a Saturday night for example. I find it brightens my smile and helps to create the perfect canvas for a lovely coat of red lipstick. As an added bonus, activated charcoal binds to other gross stuff – like bad breath causing bacteria – and detoxifies your entire mouth leaving you feeling super fresh and ready to party!


Bright White Smile


Ready to give it try?


Pick up a jar of our super soft Activated Hemp Charcoal in our online shop now. *Hot tip – sign up for our newsletter first to receive an instant 10% off discount code. Bonus!



Activated Hemp Charcoal Powder

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