Barrabup Sanctuary

Welcome to the online home of Barrabup Sanctuary.

Barrabup Sanctuary is an eco-haven located on the banks of the beautiful Blackwood River near Nannup, Western Australia. A number of enterprise projects operate from the sanctuary, including Total Hemp Co. an organic industrial hemp farm.

A Bird & Wildlife Sanctuary

Barrabup Sanctuary is home to many species of native birds and wildlife. The owner and founder of the sanctuary has a great love for all creatures great and small. The sanctuary serves as a place for them to live in peace. Visitors will surely encounter many birds of Western Australia including:

  • kookburras
  • black cockatoos
  • emus
  • owls
  • and the Splendid Fairy Wrens

Other local fauna include:

  • kangaroos
  • goana lizards
  • possums
  • fish and amphibians

The threat of habitat destruction due to development and logging makes life difficult for many of these species. It’s for this reason that animal visitors are not permitted at the sanctuary. If our native wildlife catch the scent of dogs near their homes, will not feel as secure and may never return to their nests or burrows. As much as we love dogs & cats, please refrain from bringing your own four legged friends from home!

School groups

The Sanctuary welcomes school groups for educational outings, tours and camping retreats. Groups of children and students of primary and secondary school age frequently visit our private campgrounds with their schools and other programs. Barrabup Sanctuary is the perfect location to host scouts programs, re-wilding courses and survival in nature programs.

There is plenty of room for multiple campsites as well as buses, trailers and outdoor equipment. The campgrounds feature toilet and shower blocks, as well as cooking facilities, if required.

If you would like more information about our facilities and availability for group educational programs, please call our office Monday to Friday 9am-5pm 08 9756 1332 or email

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Barrabup Sanctuary features organic gardens filled with a variety of seasonal, organically grown vegetables and herbs year round. A lush orchard of citrus, stone fruit trees and berry bushes border the organic industrial hemp farm. We cultivate hemp for the fibre and ‘hurd’ from the stalk of the plants. These natural materials become rope, clothing and building materials.

The homestead is powered almost entirely by solar energy and we harvest every drop of rain water available. We support the local bee population by remaining pesticide and fungicide free. Our resident bees produce the most delicious organic honey, available in our online shop.

Visitors to Barrabup Sanctuary by appointment only please

Barrabup Sanctuary is a residential property so it’s not open to the public. We invite visitors by appointment only please.