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Our Association

aims to further its research in:



(1)  Growing a crop that suit our climate conditions, so we can grow in broad Hectare farming and smaller farm lots.


(2)  The development of a marketing strategy to sell or barter Industrial Hemp crops grown in Western Australia.


(3)  Assisting the general community to see the profit and value of Industrial Hemp on many levels.


(4)   Set goals that as the Industrial Hemp Association of Western Australia wishes to achieve in 6 months, 12 months.


(5)  Each member to be given by the committee different areas of which to work on that would help to achieve the overall goals of the association..




Glenn Ossy-Orley (GO) Chair +61 (08) 9756 1332 - 042 993 3236


Georgina Wilkinson (GW) Vice-Chair 042-757-6069


Bronwyn Blake (BB) Treasurer 046-845-6755


David Chick (DC) Secretary 9757 9241 042-757-9102


Melanie Somerset (MS) 047-734-7274


Gary Rogers (GR) 040-957-6458


Colin Steddy (CS) 040-719-5340


Charley Cannon (CC) 040-373-4814


James Cranfield (JC) 043-941-1533


Kellie Naylor (KN) 040-790-3124


Brad Satchell (BS) 048-844-4658


David Sheilds (DS) 041-778-2097


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  Latest Releases

A little Tour of

Barrabup Sanctuary

Barrabup Sanctuary - in the heart of the South West of Australia.


Enjoy one the most idyllic private camping spots by the Blackwood River.


Discover the BirdHide Accomodation.


Be informed about THC Australia.

And the visions of Glenn Ossy-Orley..


[please phone first to book appointment, ta]- 08 9756 1332

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Adopt a Plant!

Our new strategy starts to pay out
















Virtually overnight people have started to get in on the idea to adopt their own Cannabis Sattiva plant...


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