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gglenn in his field

Glenn Ossy - Orley in the field. 2017



Robert C. Stanley's -a low high-


Dear Traveller,

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Australia's Total Hemp Company is located in Nannup WA

It is one and becoming ever more so, of the most idyllic townships found in the South West.

Our Sanctuary called Barrabup, where the Blackwood flows,

is ca 15min from town center, situated charmingly surrounded by forest.


We welcome any of your Enquiries.


For visiting Guests - Please phone first - by Appointment Only, Thank You:


+61 [0] 8 - 9756 1332      +     0429 933 236




beautiful plant





As humanity is becoming aware that Hemp has been used through the millenia

for a myriad of applications in thousands of products,

it is on us to question why industrial LOW THC Hemp is only allowed

to be orally taken in Europe, the USA and Elsewhere.








Please Explore.


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Painting >A Low High< by Robert C. Stanley

  Latest Releases

A little Tour of

Barrabup Sanctuary

Barrabup Sanctuary - in the heart of the South West of Australia.

Enjoy one the most idyllic private camping spots by the Blackwood River.


Discover the unique location of the 'BirdHide" accomodation.

And the visions of Glenn Ossy-Orley.. [please Phone first to book appointment, ta]- 08 9756 1332

Organicly grown in Nannup in the heart of the South West


You couldn't think of a more appropriate place to grow Cannabis...

A zillion amazing Stories

Hemp is the answer to all significant ecological & health questions of our time...

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Our new strategy starts to pay out

Smart investment:

Donating for a few plants & then deciding how enjoy the sample products..


An instant feel-great moment with scientific backing gets you, once you have started to get in on the idea.. to adopt your own Cannabis Sativa plant !

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